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Roger Salloom Last CallThere is a story here. A story so intriguing that it enticed award-winning filmmaker Chris Sautter to make a film about Roger Salloom. So Glad I Made It, the Saga Of Roger Salloom, America's Best Unknown Songwriter, Roger's Saga, won 6 awards, was on the 2006 Grammy ballot, and received rave reviews across the U.S. It caused Chris to call Roger "America's Best Unknown Songwriter". Listen to his songs and watch his videos and see if you don't agree.

And now Roger's got a new CD... Last Call. Some say it may be his best.

Here's the latest video from Roger's release. If you want to learn how to buy it visit his music page.

» To listen to more of Roger Salloom's music take a look at this page.

Movie About Roger Salloom's Incredible Life, "So Glad I Made It."

Roger Salloom was in the center of the 1960s San Francisco pyschedelic scene, playing the Fillmore with Santana, Van Morrison, BB King and Procul Harum. In the 1970s he moved to Nashville to pursue songwriting, then disappeared for 20 years to raise a family as a single parent and draw a syndicated cartoon.

Imagine Jack Kerouac, John Belushi, Lord Buckley, Lenny Bruce, The Diggers, and throw in Leadbelly, Jimmy Reed, Lonnie Johnson, Geoff Muldaur, Dan Penn...all rolled into one person, and you have a glimpse of this poet, singer-songwriter. Salloom has performed with The Band, Steve Forbert, Doc Watson, John Prine, to name a few.

A cross between blues, roots, Americana, country, and soul, Salloom always speaks from his heart. He has a self-deprecating, humorous, everyman quality, mixed with a powerful sensitivity and depth of character.

Buy Roger's latest CD Last Call as well as La Te Da, and Eventually at his store! You can also buy at cdBaby and iTunes!

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