The Story

Roger Salloom’s story is not unique. He was a child of the 60’s like many. But the path he took to be called “America’s best unknown songwriter” is clearly one for the ages. Click to learn more.

The Music

It’s about the music. It’s always about the music. And that’s what sets Roger apart. His songs are so unique and heartfelt that they are hard to explain in words. You just have to listen. Click to listen to some of his songs.

The Videos

It’s great to listen to the music, but sometimes seeing is believing. Roger’s eclectic videos — both professional and amateur — give you an even deeper sense of what his music is about. Take a look and see what we mean.

The Shows

Of course the best way to see any musician is live and in front of an appreciative crowd. There’s where Roger does some of his best work. Here’s a selection of some of his upcoming concerts.

“Roger Salloom’s voice quickly suggests a comparison to early Bob Dylan, but it’s this vet’s penchant for telling a great story that puts him in the same category.”

Time Out New York

“… captivating, great storytelling … warm, pleasant, upbeat, honest, melancholy, wry, road-weary, familiar, and unique….. heartfelt songs.”

Tom Henry

The Toledo Blade

“Roger Salloom is a superb story teller with a good sense of rhythm and a great sense of timing, and the music is incredibly infectious.”

Rolling Stone Magazine

“…the most seductive singer ever to seduce these jaded ears. He’ll massage your worries into next week.”

John M. Lomax, II