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organ-grinder-lowOn Roger’s CD “Last Call”

“Be prepared to be captivated.”

“… there’s a simple honesty and wryness to the lyrics that are touching, deeply affective, often a matter of a level confessional of shortcomings that no one listening can help but share a rueful and grinning remembrance with.”

” The title cut was well chosen as the showcase’s sobriquet, as it’s a perfect blend of the player-singer-composer at the top of his game…even more so than the rest of the gems here, every inch of this release a pleasure.”

» Mark S. Tucker,

“a wonderful lyricist, he sets the standard for singer/songwriters. In the final analysis, Last Call is an excellent release from a master craftsman.”

David Bowling, BC, Blog Critics,12/19/09

“… captivating, great storytelling … warm, pleasant, upbeat, honest, melancholy, wry, road-weary, familiar, and unique….. heartfelt songs. Listen to it and you’ll wonder where he’s been all your life.”

Tom Henry, The Toledo Blade– Toledo, OH


Jim Hynes, The Alternate Root and Elmore Magazine

“….this is the off beat winner you’ve been on the look out for a while.”

Chris Spector, Midwest Record,Chicago, Il 10/26/09

web-roger-tangled-hair“Vastly underexposed”

Lucky Clark, Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

“There are countless famous story tellers in American history. If Salloom keeps this up, he’ll easily find himself among them.”

» Abbey K. Davis –

“…once you start really tuning into the lyrics, a deeper story is revealed… an almost existential perspective on life; “The best thing I do is nothing, and I’m doing that the best I can,” he observes on that song, somehow making it sound like the wisest life choice imaginable, and that little magic trick is just where Salloom’s true gift seems to lie.”

All Music, J. Allen

“Roger Salloom is a superb story teller with a good sense of rhythm and a great sense of timing, and the music is incredibly infectious.”
– Rolling Stone Magazine

“He has survived the whirlwind and treacherous whirlpool of the perilous, reckless times that devoured and spit out the empty shells of many young musicians.   He made the right choices, placing family and his kids quality of life before his career, then drifted into self-imposed exile and obscurity….the burden of exceptional gifts and talent, deep sensitivity and constant self-questioning.”
– David Brule, The Montague Reporter

“The French call it je ne sais quoi – that something special. An apt phrase to describe singer/songwriter Roger Salloom whose humor and wit almost eclipse his talented musicianship. The slow songs…are breathtaking.”
– Kendra Thurlow, The Valley Advocate

“…The writing talent of Dylan or Guthrie…musical genius…hilarious and tragic, kindhearted and careless, all the complexities of a real human being.”
IMDb (Earth’s biggest music data base)

“His vocals on I’m In Trouble Again could have put Roy Orbison to shame. He’s a great singer songwriter you don’t want to miss.”
David Detmold, The Montague Reporter

“He’s still writing tunes which worm into your heart.”
– Brian Goslow, Worcester Phoenix

roger salloom“For every singer-songwriter that manages to flirt with the spotlight, there are too many who get lost in the madness we call rock ‘n’ roll. Salloom has been described as ‘America’s best unknown songwriter’ and whilst many will dispute that claim, there’s no denying that the man is a gifted artist in the folk-pop style and if you can imagine a hybrid of Dylan and McCartney, then you might come close to imagining the music of Roger Salloom.”
– Kevin Mathews,

“The first album by Salloom has to be one of the most important albums of the year.”
– Rob Baker, Chicago Tribune

“It’s hard not to like him and his band, The Stragglers. A prince among the Valley’s musicians.”
– John Stifler, Daily

Salloom’s “voice is the most extraordinary thing. It has something of Bob Dylan’s rasp in it, but it’s warmer, with a richness all its own. His singing casts a spell – your attention is immediately riveted to its smooth, honeyed texture.”
– Kristy Eldredge,

“It’s wonderful to hear Salloom sing his tunes. More than a biography, ‘So Glad’ also seeks
to indict the recording business for its short-sightedness and inability to nurture talent.”
– Julie E. Washington, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Roger Salloom knows how to throw a party. Salloom’s songs can be ballads, rockabilly,
swing or classic Americana. Great stories….dancing barefoot to timeless music. ‘So Glad I Made It’ … a tune both wistful and celebratory. It encapsulates Salloom’s warmth and vulnerability. Salloom’s music comes from the heart, with an honesty and directness often lacking in today’s Top 40.”
Daily Hampshire Gazette, reviewing Roger’s live show

Roger Salloom“Roger William Salloom – a neurotic, gentle soul who weaves his experiences, ideas, and emotions into simple, yet profound songs beautiful enough to rival his infectious smile.”
Joanne Casale, Motif

“What a wonderful documentary!”
The Las Vegas Arts & Entertainment Corner

“Roger Salloom wrote his own version of (Springsteen’s) ‘Born To Run’ called ‘Gotta Get Out Of Worcester.’ ”
New York Times

“The sensibility is sheer Salloom; puckish, insightful and wryly upbeat.”
Worcester Magazine, Worcester, MA

“He has this positive genius with words.”
Boston-Worcester Phoenix

“Indeed, the songs on his recent CD “Eventually” and on the soundtrack for “So Glad I Made it” can be haunting as well as catchy and instantly likable.”
Richard Duckett, The Worcester Telegram and Gazette

“Singer/songwriter Roger Salloom may be the definition of an underground superstar.”