Roger Salloom’s Music

roger-drawineThe best way to get to know Roger is through his music. It will help explain why he has been called “America’s best unknown songwriter.”

What Roger Says About His Music

“The truth is simple… I love good music and you do too! I believe the simplest definition of good music is that which “stands the test of time.” I want to give a listener something which is sympathetic to and akin with the nearly, ineffable, fragile humanness I spy when watching those who struggle daily. Also, the one emotion expressed which we see so little of is – kindness. So, I will try to give you some of that whenever I am able.”

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Here’s a small selection of some his songs.

Roger Salloom "Last Call"From His Album “Last Call”

Here’s To The Life


Oh Ma Ma

Last Call


Roger Salloom "La Ti Da"

From His Album “La Ti Da”

La Ti Da

Tappin’ That Thing

Part Time

When It Comes To Women

I Love You Baby

Roger Salloom "Eventually"

From His Album “Eventually”


In The Snow

So Glad I Made It

More Music…

Keep Riding

What You Gonna Do

Marie Le Peau (Recorded when Roger was still in his teens!)

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